28 September

Karajan artists: Plácido Domingo – Karajan’s ultimate tenor

“I arrived at 10 and took my place. All of a sudden, I saw the red light next to Karajan go on. He began to conduct, and in fifty-five minutes we had finished recording the first act. ‘Maestro,’ I said... ”

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14 September

Karajan artists: Katia Ricciarelli – the perfect legato

Legato. This was one of Karajan’s main themes in his aesthetic credo. And the tenderest pianississimo. This singer...

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08 September

Karajan artists: Gidon Kremer – recording instead of rehearsing

Karajan was a conductor with an incomparable sense of what it takes to record music. Sometimes, for a more spontaneous and relaxed result, he would use the rehearsal tape for the final publication...

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01 September

Karajan artists: José van Dam – the marathon man

If he was fond of a singer, Karajan was capable of great loyalty and fidelity. This was obviously the case with the Belgian bass-baritone José van Dam, now 83 years old...

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