28 March

Maurizio Pollini has died

On 23 March, Maurizio Pollini, one the few remaining pianists who worked with Karajan, died in his hometown Milan...

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15 March

The “Karajan Music Tech Conference” 2024

It’s like a piece of good music. You can experience it again and again and it is still fascinating. Last week, our annual “Karajan Music Tech Conference” took place in Salzburg...

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10 November

The Karajan Institute supports “The Philharmonic Brass” – Educational Program

“The Philharmonic Brass” is a brass ensemble founded with players of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras...

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22 September

Karajan conducting Sibelius and Grieg in Dolby Atmos

Previously, we introduced Deutsche Grammophon's innovative “Dolby Atmos” series, a cutting-edge audio technology that offers an immersive three-dimensional listening experience, akin to cinema's Dolby Surround. The latest installment in this series features Karajan's renditions of notable works by Grieg and Sibelius.

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