15 March 2024

P.R. Jenkins

The “Karajan Music Tech Conference” 2024

It’s like a piece of good music. You can experience it again and again and it is still fascinating. Last week, our annual “Karajan Music Tech Conference” took place in Salzburg.

It was the eighth time we hosted it but it’s still anything but routine. It is too special! We are proud to have gathered 250 experts, artists and aficionados on a single day of the conference discussing every aspect of the link between art and technology. No wonder that some of the facts and trends are so recent that we (and most of the participants) heard about them for the first time – for example the latest developments in using AI for automotive infotainment. Watch this clip our partners from Volkswagen designed straight after the conference.

Our CEO Matthias Röder welcomed Ali Nikrang (Musikhochschule München/Ars Electronica Linz), Robert Zimmermann (Deutsche Grammophon), Jens Feldhaus (Volkswagen Innovation Group), Moises Horta (artist) and 30 other experts as speakers. In the next few weeks, we will sort the content of the discussions and panels and we look forward to presenting the results.

The team of the “Karajan Institute”

“Music improves our lives. That’s why music is essential for all innovations and developments right now.”
Matthias Röder

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