31 May 2023

Matthias Röder

20th episode of podcast “Spin On Classical Music”

SALZBURG, Austria – May 31, 2023 – The Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute announces the 20th episode of its podcast, “Spin On Classical Music”, set to air on Friday on Spotify. This episode marks the debut of a special series within the podcast, featuring biographical events and archive material to tell stories around the legendary conductor Herbert von Karajan and his music.


The 20th episode, titled “Karajan’s First Times”, takes listeners on a journey through significant milestones in Karajan’s career, including his first recording in 1938, his first stereo recording in 1944, his arrangement and conduct of the European Hymn in 1972, his first CD recording of the Alpine Symphony in 1981, and his first opera recording for CD, Carmen, in 1983.

The podcast, hosted by Pia Bernauer, Head of the Karajan Archive, Henry Ladewig, Head of Operations of the Karajan Institute, and Nicolai Böhlefeld, Musicologist and Sound Engineer of “Spin On Classical Music”, offers a fresh approach to classical music. Known for their engaging conversations and the inclusion of emblematic works by composers such as Beethoven, Verdi and Mozart, the hosts make classical music accessible and enjoyable for all listeners, regardless of their background in the genre.

Dr. Matthias Röder, Managing Director of the Karajan Institute, says “We are incredibly proud of the work our team is doing with this podcast. Just as Herbert von Karajan himself made great strides in making classical music accessible to new audiences, we are continuing that tradition and taking it into the digital era.”

“Spin On Classical Music” has already covered a wide range of fascinating topics, from the eerie ‘curse’ of the ninth symphony to the vibrant intersections of folk and classical music. To date, its approachable and entertaining style has reached over 50,000 people via multiple platforms.

“Karajan’s First Times” promises to be another engaging episode for classical music lovers and newcomers alike, delving into the rich history and legacy of one of the world’s greatest conductors.

### About the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute

The Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute was founded in Salzburg in 2005 by Eliette von Karajan to promote the artistic legacy of her husband, conductor Herbert von Karajan. The Institute focuses on the digital dissemination of classical music, continuing Karajan’s lifelong commitment to technological innovation in the service of music.

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