10 November 2023

P.R. Jenkins

The Karajan Institute supports “The Philharmonic Brass” – Educational Program

“The Philharmonic Brass” is a brass ensemble founded with players of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras.

Its traces origin back to the wind music tradition at princely and royal courts in the 18th century, which flourished under Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as traditional folk music and local music-making. This heritage was carried forward in the long tradition of orchestral playing in both the Philharmonic Orchestras of Berlin and Vienna – and now finding a new path in terms of instrumentation and playing technique.

It is a special concern of the players to impart their knowledge to the next generation. This is something that our patron Herbert von Karajan cared about all over his career. He founded the “Karajan Academy” of the Berlin Philharmonic, initiated a young conductor’s award, performed concerts especially for young people and conducted the “European Union Youth Orchestra”. It would have pleased him greatly if he’d witness that his two favourite orchestras collaborate on this project.

The Karajan Institute is proud to support “The Philharmonic Brass” educational program.

The first album of “The Philharmonic Brass” under the baton of Tugan Sokhiev is now available here.

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