25 April 2024

P.R. Jenkins

Karajan’s Telemondial Productions Alongside Selected Unitel Films Available On Stage+

Deutsche Grammophon’s digital platform STAGE+ now exclusively features the digitized Telemondial films, highlighting a significant addition to its offerings. This unique collection alongside selected Unitel films includes no less than 26 Karajan concert and opera films, establishing STAGE+ as an unparalleled hub for accessing Karajan’s prestigious filmography. The complete collection of these Telemondial films will be fully accessible next month, providing an exclusive opportunity to experience the breadth of Karajan’s cinematic contributions.

“It is impossible to overstate the significance of Herbert von Karajan’s stellar career,” comments Dr. Clemens Trautmann, President Deutsche Grammophon. “His relationship with the Yellow Label spanned more than half a century, resulting in some of the greatest symphonic and operatic recordings ever made.”

Karajan Institute CEO Dr. Matthias Röder notes:

“This project fulfils the mission of the Karajan Institute to preserve the legacy of Herbert von Karajan, instill a passion for classical music in younger generations, and use technology and innovation to shape the future of music.”

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