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19 November

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website! Today we are launching our new website and we hope that you will enjoy your time here!


08 November

Spotlight Beethoven: Your guide to the symphonies

A spotlight episode about him is indispensable: Ludwig van Beethoven is a composer no conductor can ignore – Karajan least of all. We have made a collection of Beethoven’s most popular musical genre, the symphony, and Karajan’s lifelong work on the “New Testament” of orchestral music. Karajan recorded the complete cycle of symphonies four times, starting in the 1950s with the Philharmonia Orchestra up to film productions with his own production company Telemondial in the 1980s.


21 November

Karajan artists: Kurt Moll - the bass with the velvet voice

Kurt Moll was one of Karajan’s favourite bass-singers. After a first meeting in the studio in 1970, their collaboration became more intense in the 1980s...


16 November

Spotlight Brahms: Your guide to the orchestral works

Of course there's a chapter in our spotlight series about Johannes Brahms. Karajan was a "Brahmsian" with heart and soul. Even if he didn't perform every of Brahms' works for orchestra, the symphonies, the concertos and the Requiem have been cornerstones of his repertoire through his entire career.


21 November

Karajan artists: John Neumeier - still in charge for ballet

There are not many artists left who worked with Karajan and still practise their profession. John Neumeier is one of them...


12 September

The inner dynamics of music – Herbert von Karajan on his understanding of Beethoven, music, and recording

Herbert von Karajan gave two interviews on the occasion of the release of the new Beethoven cycle in 1977: one to Richard Osborne and another one to Joachim Kaiser. Both of them are part the newest release of the cycle in Dolby Atmos by Deutsche Grammophon. Here you can read a summary of the interview with Joachim Kaiser, including the most impressing insights into Karajan’s understanding of Beethoven, music, and recording.


11 September

‘I think there is a great tragedy in Mahler, and a great tragic sense!’

Prof. Peter Revers held a lecture on Karajan as a Mahler conductor a few years back. Although it is quite a demanding text, especially for non-musicologists, we do think it sheds a light on very interesting aspects of Karajan’s interpretation. He was much closer to the composer’s intent than one might think, with great respect for the shades of Mahler’s musical expression.



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