28 September

Spotlight Schumann: The Fourth Symphony

The Fourth was Karajan’s favourite Schumann symphony. This is quite unusual. The “Spring Symphony” and the “Rhenish” are generally much more popular. More than that: the Fourth...

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21 September

Spotlight Grieg: Suites and the piano concerto

Karajan’s approach to Edvard Grieg was an “economical” one and took place almost completely in the studio...

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14 September

Spotlight Puccini: “La Bohème”

Karajan conducted many works whose interpretations were considered to be milestones. But even in his repertoire there are few pieces...

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08 September

Spotlight Dvořák: Symphony “From the New World”

It was the second symphony that Karajan ever recorded and the second-ever recording he made with the Berlin Philharmonic in 1940...

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